Although Moesha says she sleeps with a married man to pay her rent in Accra, she also says t

Let me explain before you get all confused. The genesis of it all was when the Instagram model shared a photo of herself standing in front of an uncompleted building. Though her curves are very mesmerising, that wasn't what caught our attention in the picture, caption did the trick. And the caption went like this, “Grateful … Good is good … Adijringanor landlady.”

Social media was full of congratulatory messages for her newest achievement. We all know how expensive it is to live in East Legon. But then, the trolls followed suit.

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It was during such unpleasant exchanges that a lady pointed out that Moesha sleeps with married men and that may be how she attained the land. Which Moesha replied saying, “sleeping with married men can never get you this!”

Instagram comment
Instagram comment

Is she not the very same person who said she can’t survive in Accra without the help of a married man? So, how come she’s saying a married man didn’t help her get her land. Ms Moesha, please come out and explain yourself.