Talents these days are shortsighted, they want things overnight- Jay Foley

The radio and television personality Jay Foley has disclosed that he left his job in artiste management due to several factors, including the ego and shortsightedness of the artists.

Jay Foley

Jay made the revelation in a one-on-one conversation with George Quaye on Joy FM’s Showbiz A – Z, where he detailed reasons for taking a break from a job that he once loved.

According to Jay Foley, artists need to get a thorough awareness of the music industry and its related dynamics.

“Some [artists] have disappointed me, as a result of ego, vision…trust. A lot of these talents are shortsighted and want things overnight, in 24 hours, which doesn’t work”, he revealed.

Jay Foley maintains that artists must obtain a deep understanding of the music terrain, including its associated dynamics. He likened artiste-manager relations to practices in the corporate world where businesses “engage professionals to do the work for them, and trust these professionals to get the job done. Trust, which is key”.


Unfortunately, “a lot of these talents are shortsighted”, he lamented.

Jay Foley claims that because he has a lot of knowledge and experience that other artists haven’t yet attained, he has learned that managing artists are all about managing people, which takes time to get the desired outcomes. It appears that turning the situation around in a short period is nearly impossible. That is to say, Jay is not a magician.

Failure to meet the demands of these music talents largely contribute to the fallout between artists and their managers. “Artists, after 10, 20 retweets on their Twitter…they feel they’re on top of the world, some of them, feel like they’re there. And then the ego plays in”, Jay mentioned.

Money seems to never leave the equation. In this regard, the experienced former artiste manager revealed that some artists eventually get complacent due to the structure of payments that are received from their works. “Of course, the money comes in the artiste’s name, so if he checks his balance and he’s got a $100,000 in there and he feels you have just 15% of that, he feels like ‘I have the money so I call the shots’, and it’s always the case”.

Jay Foley is well known for his many years of hard work and experience in artiste management.


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