The BBNaija stars Vee and Venita almost half a decade old beef explained

Since 2020, the pair have been going at each other on social media.

Timeline of why Vee and Venlta don't get along

They have since become a trending topic on social media because of this age-old dispute and here's a rundown of their relationship and how it went sour.

Starting from the very beginning, back in 2020 when the fifth season of Big Brother Naija aired, Neo Akpofure and Vee were housemates and they hit it off. Soon after, a relationship between them began and their ship became a fan favourite.


While the relationship between the pair captivated the attention of the public, there were speculations that Venita, Neo’s cousin, was not on board with the ship.

These speculations were confirmed during one of Venita’s Instagram Live sessions where she expressed her disapproval saying, “God forbid.”


In January 2021, Vee confirmed that her relationship with Neo’s cousin was not on a ‘buddy’ level. During an interview with Hip TV, she said, "I don't have a relationship with her. She is my boyfriend's relative and you can't choose who your family is so it's cordial.”

In 2023, Big Brother Naija alumnus Ike made headlines after asserting that he “Arranges women for big men” and social media discourse followed. On X, a troll asked Vee if she was one of the women associated with Ike.


“Dem say you be olosho wey dem Dey hire for different events,” to which she replied "That’s the other 'Vee’” referring to Venita.

After being called out for her response, Vee doubled down saying, “I’m sorry but I don’t care. You don’t know 10% of what that babe did to me. So it’s not your fault. I will do a madness both publicly and privately.”


In March 2023, Vee confirmed the reports that she and Neo broke up, during an interview with Stephanie Coker.

She said, "I'm single to stupor. When my last relationship ended, there was no fight, it was good until it wasn't and we went our separate ways. We ended on mutual terms, but was I hurt for a few months? Yeah, I Didn't expect to be that hurt"

As a result of her confirmation, there were speculations that she and Neo split up due to Venita’s interference.


In a chat with fellow BBNaija All Stars housemate Pere, Neo claimed that Vee tried to reconcile with him after their breakup but he couldn’t get back with her because of her beef with Venita.

He said, “I’m like, ‘You can’t break up with me after nine months and you’re trying to come back and you’re still telling me you’re holding onto a grudge with my family. I will not inspire you to separate from your family.’ And she was just going off in harsh tones.”

“I just knew I had to take a stand because nobody knows how far we might go. We might actually get married and I don’t want to get married to you and it will feel like a situation where my family is not welcome in my house because you have some kinda like… You’re supposed to inspire me to build a family, not tear me apart from the one I already have. So, that is it. I let it go,” he concluded.


Speaking in an episode of the Moni Talks podcast in November 2023, Vee vowed never to reconcile with Venita over her alleged involvement in their relationship crash.

When asked if she would forgive Venita, she responded, “If she apologises, I won’t forgive her. It’s not about me being a hard girl. It’s about being a sensible one. I know when to put my pride outside and accept that I’ve done wrong here. But I’m not stupid. I know when to stay very far away from bad energy. And that’s a whole lot of it. She played a part in our breakup,” she said.

Venita made a series of posts on X on April 19, 2024, including videos of her and her cousin Neo in an embrace.


One of her posts read, "Holy Spirit go before my fingers on this keypad in Jesus mighty name. Amen” and another read, “Laughter no go kill me”

She also posted a TikTok video dancing with the caption, “When you log in on the X app and try to navigate through and avoid drama.”


On April 20, 2024, Vee took to her Instagram and posted a video of her and a mystery man, which social media users speculated might be her new partner. The lovey-dovey video showed the man holding her hand and caressing her cheek, and Vee blushing in response.

On X, she faced some backlash from some who asserted that she posted it in response to Neo’s picture with his new girlfriend, Beauty.

After Vee’s post. Venita then liked an X post that suggested that Vee’s post was merely for attention.


The post read, “It's giving ‘look at me I have a man too and I'm happy blogs talk about me and my man, I'm also in a relationship’ *insert caption post feet and tattoo arm* Neo and Beauty Una do this one.”

On April 21, 2024, Vee made a shady post which read, “A fool at 40 is a fool forever.” The post gained traction on social media and many speculated that the shade was directed at Venita. Her post has since been deleted.


On April 20,2024, Venita made a post saying that she would rather leave the past in the past.

“I’m not Jesus. I cannot perform miracles and I cannot raise Lazarus from the dead. Namaste. The past should stay exactly where it belongs…in the very stiff back,” she said.


On April 22, 2024, Vee took to her Instagram Story and posted a quote that read, “You can’t scare me, I’m a firstborn daughter.”


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