Hiplife and Afro-pop musician, Bullet of Ruff N Smooth fame has described award-winning Ghanaian celebrity blogger, Ameyaw Debrah as an anti-Ghana blogger.

He made this statement following a reportage by the former Pulse.com.gh Chief Editor regarding his recent confrontation at TV3. Ameyaw reported that 'Bullet was angry over Nigerian music being overplayed played at Ghanaian events'.

According to Bullet, Ameyaw Debrah's report was false so he labelled him as an 'anti-Ghana blogger'.

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Explaining the incident, Bullet told Pulse.com.gh that, "It wasn't like I was fighting Nigerian musicians. It's Ameyaw Debrah's fault. Because when the video came out, it was about TV3 disrespecting my artiste for not playing her song while she was being hosted on their show.

"I wasn't going rounds telling them not to play Nigerian music. I can never do that. It's that anti-GH blogger, Ameyaw Debrah. You saw me in the video fighting TV3, telling them that they should support our artistes. It's like a Nigerian TV hosting Wizkid and all the videos they show are Ghanaian music. He is going to get mad."

Watch the full interview below.