You can’t scare me with your kindergarten vocabulary - Blakk Rasta to Nana Aba

Media personalities Blakk Rasta and Nana Aba Anamoah have been beefing with each other for a week now over Sarkodie’s collaboration with Bob Marley.

Blakk Rasta

Earlier Nana Aba jumped to the defense of Sarkodie after Blakk Rasta attacked him for his feature on Bob Marley’s ‘Stir It Up’ remix.

"You’re not the only human being on this planet who adores Bob Marley. You’re not wiser than the managers of his estate. This desecration placards you’re wielding makes you look rather inebriated than concerned. Sark was featured because he’s superb. DEAL WITH IT!

“…and oh Blakkrasta stop hiding behind your so called claim of ‘desecration’ because it’s hogwash. Be bold enough to express your ire at the decision to feature Sark. You wanted it eh? Be bold enough to express your ire at the decision to feature Sark.” she wrote.

Blakk Rasta who is not also backing down anytime soon took to his Twitter with a series of replies.


“Sis, it will be awesome to have you on my show on at 3FM. I will invite Stonebwoy along to discuss Putuu as well. Maybe the Bob Marley family will help you understand the hook in Bob's Buffalo Soldier which goes like Woo yo yo Woo wo yoyo,” One of his responses read.

The presenter also dragged her baby daddy into the issue and mocked Nana Aba for having a kid with a man who wears a kilt.

However, speaking in an interview with Zionfelix, Blakk Rasta categorically stated that he’s not afraid of the big vocabulary Nana Aba Anamoah uses on social media and also used to attack him on Twitter.

“Sarkodie’s issue came up and all of a sudden you showed up trying to scare me with your kindergarten vocabulary. Kindergarten vocabulary! Words that little children usually play with. That means that you don’t even know who Blakk Rasta is. When I see words like that, I laugh because for me, it is infantile.

“She put it at the end that I should stop hiding and that I’m not the only one who loves Bob Marley. She said I should stop hiding under the banner of desecration to fight Sarkodie. She said I am jealous of the fact that Sarkodie was chosen for the project and not me. She said I should deal with it. Do you know what that means?” he added.


He continued that he doesn’t get worried when people including Nana Aba Anamoah criticise his works because their art and arts are meant to be criticized.

According to Blakk Rasta, Nana Aba Anamoah has been overly emotional because she deems Sarkodie as untouchable.


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