Defuse the humbleness and treat gospel events as a business - Vida Adutwumwaa

Entertainment journalist, communications specialist, and showbiz critic, Ms. Adutwumwaa Boateng, has expressed a dissenting opinion on the recent statement made by Rev. Abraham Lamptey, the founder and General Overseer of Believers' House of Worship International. Rev. Lamptey had suggested that gospel events should be free to attend.


Ms. Adutwumwaa disagrees with Rev. Lamptey's perspective, stating that the opinion of the clergyman is not a conversation to be encouraged.

She argues that the gospel industry is also a business avenue for gospel artists and ministers, and their work should be appreciated and supported as such. She believes that gospel artists live off the gift of singing and should be recognized for their talent and contribution to the industry.

In her comments on a weekly episode of UTV Showbiz, Ms. Adutwumwaa expressed her disagreement with Rev. Lamptey's opinion, particularly emphasizing the challenges faced by gospel artists who rely on their talent for their livelihood.

She acknowledged the spiritual aspect of gospel music but urged the church and the public to also appreciate it as a business.


Ms. Adutwumwaa highlighted the need for gospel musicians to recognize and embrace the business aspect of their talent, emphasizing that the church should support and encourage the work of these artists beyond the notion of doing the Lord's work. She urged a shift in perspective to view gospel musicians as professionals deserving of appreciation for their craft and as contributors to the industry.

"I feel sad for Amy Newman and my fellow sister Patience Nyarko, their work is the talent they possess as singers without a pension, they live off the gift they have but it is disappointing to see the church brandishing their works as doing the Lord's work and not appreciating it equally as a business which also feeds their mouth"

"Work with your talent and make money from it, that is your gold gift from God. Defuse the submission thoughts in the church as working for the Lord and treat the gospel musician's talent equally as a business. I will be highly disappointed as a member of Rev. Lamptey's church knowing he believes in humbleness and working for the Lord but does not recognize their talents as a business"


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