Jon Snow dies in season finale?

Season 5 finale of 'Game of Thrones' came with lots of shocking moments, and Ned Stark's beheading has got nothing on them.

Jon Snow

Since the Red Wedding, the next worst thing on 'Game of Thrones' happened on Sunday, June 14, 2015.

The season finale ended in what you could call a bloodbath which has left 90% of 'Game of Thrones' fans in shock.

While we take a look at all the shocking moments, let's kick off with the death that beats Ned Stark's beheading and Robb Stark's murder.

Jon Snow was killed off on show! Nobody exactly saw it coming. While few fans suspected his exit from show,most were in denial.

How was your favourite character killed off? - He was tricked by members of his Night's Watch into stepping out without any sort of protection.

There and then, his men turn on him and stabbed him in the stomach.

Is he really dead? Though every lover of the sadistic and sexy actor would love to have him return back to life, everyone has to deal with the fact that he is gone for now.

While you mourn the death of Jon Snow, check out other major characters that met their ultimate end.

Ser Meryn Trant - He was stabbed repeatedly in the eyes by Arya, who slits his throat, killing him.

Myranda - She was tossed off the balcony by Reek after she threatens Sansa.

Selyse Baratheon - She was found by Stannis's army hanging on a rope in the woods.

Stannis Baratheon - He was stabbed by Brienne.


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