Why do you love Nollywood filmmaker Rukky Sanda?

Today, August 23 is her birthday, and we have shared five reasons to love the "Keeping my Man" star.

1. She is hardworking

CEO of her production company 'Rukky Sanda Studios,' her first self-produced movie was ".'. She has since produced movies including "Gold Digging," "The Search," "More than Friends," "Keeping my Man," "Dark," "Love Lorn" and "What's Within."

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2. She interacts with her fans

From the positive to the negative, the actress isn't one to shy away from conversations with her fans. She responds to critics, 'haters,' and fans. Her Instagram page often comes with lots of drama to last a whole week.

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3. She has a sense of fashion

From the risque to the stunning outfits, Sanda is one actress who knows how to turn heads with her sense of fashion.

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4. She isn't one to shy away from controversy of any kind

In 2013, the filmmaker revealed that she does not know the popular Yoruba fame.

“I say I do not know him, I have not seen him nor heard of him before. What he look like? Maybe because I do not watch  movies," the actress said to Pulse Nigeria during an interview.

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5. She is honest

"Maybe because I do not watch  movies," the actress had said. Sanda is without a doubt, not the only actress who doesn't support Nollywood by watching their films. But she was honest enough to admit that in 2013.

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