Tony Goldwyn on controversial abortion storyline, Fitz and Olivia's breakup

Tony Goldwyn who plays Fitz on "Scandal," spoke on the abortion scene which aired last week's Thursday, and its effect on Olivia and Fitz' broken relationship.

decided to end the midseason of "Scandal," which aired on Thursday, November 19, with an Olitz breakup, and a shocking abortion scene.

The TV mogul undefined to address a controversial issue.

The fifth season of show has seen

However, her annoyance came in full force when she watched Mellie Grant (Bellamy Young) support Planned Parenthood.


Olivia who was already pregnant, opted for an abortion, without telling her boyfriend and president, Fitz.

Fans of show received the storyline with mixed feelings. While some applauded Rhimes’, others felt she took it too far.

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In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter,  Goldwyn spoke on the abortion plot, reaction of cast to scene, and the effect it would have on Fitz who had previously lost his son on show.


Read Excerpts;

On Table read when cast got their script;

We were all shocked, honestly, at how dark the writers went. That abortion blew my mind. It was not what I expected with Olivia and Fitz. I was really impressed with the boldness of it; Shonda never fails to amaze me with her fierceness. But emotionally, we were all silent afterward; like, "What just happened?!"

On Fitz reaction to Olivia’s abortion;

I think it would be, next to the death of his son, the most gutting news he could get and frankly I don't know how he'd recover from that. I can only assume he would because of his irrational love for Olivia. But the combination of the fact that Fitz's fondest dream in life would be to have a child with Olivia — as he put it in Vermont.


But that dream shattered is part one, and part two is the colossal lie and betrayal and withholding of that terrible truth that Olivia didn't tell him. At the end of the day, it's her body and her right, but it's his child. And we don't in fact know where Fitz lives on this issue. He's a Republican but we've never asked that question.

On your favorite couple ever getting back together;

I think there's hope. I think Fitz and Olivia really love each other. I may be alone at this point in thinking that, I don't know. But I do, and I think when people love each other as primally as these two people do, I think they can come back from anything.

I didn't think Fitz could necessarily recover from the revelation that Olivia had been the one who saved her dad and yet Fitz did, albeit in such a dysfunctional way and making a grab at her and putting her in the White House.


But he did so kind of from the right place; he was trying to take control of the situation. I can't imagine how Fitz will react when he finds out about the abortion. But his feelings for Olivia defy logic.

Have you seen the much talked about episode? What are your thoughts?

Watch abortion below;


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