decided to end the midseason of "Scandal," which aired on Thursday, November 19, with Olivia and Fitz breaking up, and a shocking abortion scene.

With the unexpected Olitz breakup, fans expressed their wish for a Jake and Olivia reunion via social media.

In an interview with TVLine, Scott Foley who plays Jake on show spoke on the possibility of that happening, and how done Jake is with Olivia.

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On Jake being being done with Olivia;

"Oh god, dude…. I think because two episodes ago, where Jake found out that Olivia was the one who let Rowan out [of prison]… he had been very patient. He said, “You choose Fitz, you love him,” and she didn’t say, “No, I want to choose you.”

He had tried to be the good friend throughout her ridiculous ponderings and questions about “Should I marry Fitz?,” but once he found out that she let Rowan out and Rowan then killed his wife, I think he was done.

There were a lot of tweets and social media questions that night about, “Now it’s time for Jake and Olivia to get back together,” “It’s Jake’s turn to stand in the sun with Olivia….”

I so respect him for saying what he did and telling her that she’s become the woman he father always wanted her to be. I think there’s a large portion of the audience that felt that way and no one had said it to her, so I was so proud of him for basically calling her out on years of s–t. And yes, it took this catalyst of letting her father out of jail, but it was something that needed to be said. So I think that he’s done for now."


"Scandal" returns on February 11, 2016.

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