5 times Wendy Shay 'ripped off' Ebony’s song concepts

Since Wendy Shay stepped into Ebony Reigns’ shoes, there have been several controversies surrounding her brand. It’s either Wendy jacked Ebony’s fashion style or the brand image of the late afro-dancehall star.

Wendy Shay 'ripped off' Ebony’s song concepts (Source: YouTube)

But people are forgetting about the similarities between their recordings and artistic materials. It’s intriguing to know that most of Wendy Shay’s hit singles were either inspired by Ebony’s or somehow 'ripped off'.

What you are about to read is crazy but don’t be startled because Ruff N Smooth member, Bullet, who managed Ebony and served as her songwriter also manages and writes for Wendy Shay.

We delved deep into Wendy Shay’s catalogue to scoop some records that possess similar traits with Ebony Reigns'.

1. Wendy Shay’s “Uber Driver” is Ebony's “Be Your Driver”

It’s fascinating to know that Wendy Shay’s debut and breakthrough single which was released just four months after the passing of Ebony Reigns is similar to the latter’s posthumous single, “Be Your Driver”. The two songs are of different tempos and genres, but the concepts remain the same. The two songs talk about how women drive men crazy.

Listen to “Be Your Driver”

Listen to “Uber Driver”

2. Wendy Shay’s “Mama” is Ebony’s “Maame Hw3”

This might be slightly off the point of this article but we can’t overlook how close the concepts of these two songs are. While Ebony’s version preaches against domestic violence, Wendy’s version focuses more on how her mother has influenced her life. But the songs pivot on the influence of mothers.

Listen to “Maame Hw3”

Listen to “Mama”

3. Wendy Shay’s “Keep Moving” is Ebony’s “Konkonsa Police”

Though they have different titles, tempo and genres, the two songs possess the same concept. The songs respond to critics, haters, gossips and traitors.

Listen to “Konkonsa Police”

Listen to “Keep Moving”

4. Wendy Shay’s “Most High” is Ebony’s “Aseda”

It’s somehow unfair to compare these two songs because no artiste can be tied to one genre but it will be a disservice to music lovers to be denied the facts. Wendy Shay’s song is a thanksgiving song just like Ebony’s but the latter’s version was delivered in Twi and English against the former who sang in English throughout.

Listen to “Aseda”

Listen to “Most High”

5. Wendy Shay’s “Akokora Gangster” is Ebony’s “Sponsor”

Now, Wendy Shay’s latest song “Akokora Gangster” is convincingly a rip off of Ebony’s “Sponsor”. Aside from the lyrics sounding the same, the visual concepts of both music videos are similar.

Listen to “Sponsor”

Listen to “Akokora Gangster”


Wendy Shay’s “Masakra” visual has the same concept as Ebony’s “Hustle”.

PS: This is not to conclude that Wendy Shay has stolen or is stealing Ebony's artistic content, however, the similarities got our eyes rolling.


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