This genre is secretly grooming future stars

Rock & Alternative music is finally getting good representation and receiving the attention it deserves.

Following a few good performances, Celeste is getting set to drop her EP.

Gone are the days when the major source of entertainment available to hippies music-wise was attending concerts headlined by Hip-Hop, Fuji and R&B acts.

Now there is a paradigm shift. The scales have fallen off the eyelids of avid song listeners and they now know they can do much better than the main dish.

I don't go out often but I had an epiphany about changing that 'dysfunctionality' after watching a soul inspiring Celeste treat me and some uniquely wired music heads to an acoustic hangout session last week on the mainland.


The singer, who is fresh from Djinee's"Rush" concert did not  just bring life to her performance - she was the life in it.

If you have seen her handle a guitar and heard her speak words of healing to your ears, you will be inclined to agree.

No! You do not know her yet but very soon you will.

Celeste, who is on the verge of dropping an EP aroused the gratification of my senses with songs like 'Black', 'Oluronbi', 'Song for you' and 'Boy with a soul'.

She is looking to join Rock & Alternative stars such as  Clay, Zainab Sule, Cill, One Last Autograph, Nathmac and Johnny Drille, in the push for the prominence of the genre.


The latter's signing to Marvin Records has provided more than a glimmer of hope to the rest, that their relentless devotion to their career may soon pay off like owed wages.

If you are still in the dark about the increasing strength of this minimally patronized genre, shelve it and learn this.

This sky is home to a bunch of stars who are waiting as a group of knights to be torched by the light of popularity.

Like Hip-Hop legend, Notorious B.I.G said in his rap song ''Juicy', "And if you don't know, now you know".

The ship of an exclusive class of artistes is sailing and you better be on it.


Acoustic bass guitars can soon become a totem representing good music in Nigeria. Who says the Rock & Alternative genre can't survive?


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