Last week, the song became the most disliked Ghanaian audio on YouTube, accumulating over 16,000 dislikes against 1,500 likes. And he is nearing 100,000 views for his song on the streaming platform.

In order to boost his views, he randomly picked on some celebrities including hiplife legend Reggie Rockstone, actress Nana Ama McBrown, rapper Criss Waddle, politician A-Plus, Shatta Wale's manager Bulldog, actress Martha Ankomah, singer Patapaa, rapper Sarkodie and singer Stonebwoy.

He called out Reggie on Instagram, asserting that he [Reggie] wouldn’t be his mate if they had started music together. He picked on Nana Ama, claiming that he taught her how to use hashtags on Instagram. He described Criss Waddle as gay. And in his latest interview, he claims he is better than Sarkodie, Stonebwoy and other top artistes. According to him, his latest song is better than theirs, emphasising that “Megye” makes more sense than Patapaa’s music.

During the same interview, he gave a breakdown of the song, and honestly, it’s ludicrous.

Explaining the concept behind the song, he said he would rather do anything for riches than and enjoy burn in hell as a poor man. In a nutshell, he claims it’s right to make money illegally than to die poor. Even if he has to wipe out his entire family to make riches, he wouldn't hesitate.

This is what he calls ‘sensible music’.

Archipalago is amusing, to be frank. However, going to that length to gain what he calls ‘organic views’ for his new song, which is total garbage in itself, is repulsive.

In the 2:56 minutes uncategorised song, Archipalago was yelling on top of his voice. He sounded as though he was being chased in the booth while recording. And on top of that, he wasted almost one minute, repeating two phrases over and over again. Plus, the boring repetition of “666” in his second verse. His vocals were weak, immature and unbalanced, and had bad breath control (he seemed exhausted).

The arrangement of the lyrics coupled with his amateurish beat and an offbeat rap from his guest artiste makes it clear that Archipalago has nothing to offer but trash and noise.

He shouldn't be carried away by the streaming figures because it's not what he thinks. Nobody will waste their data on such bush-leauge – most of them went there to check the progress of the dislikes on the audio. He should prove haters by gaining more radio airplay and top music charts.

It’s better for Archipalago to spend money to grow his social media pages than waste his money on music – because he doesn’t have talent.