The controversy about the 15th edition of the Black Entertainment Television (BET) Awards having little or no regard for African musicians rages on.

While Lilian N. Blankson, the Director of Programming and Production at BET International says Africans should stop complaining, Reggie Rockstone on the other hand suggested Sarkodie and Stonebwoy should have boycotted the ceremony.Ghanaian veteran music Producer, Edward Osei Opoku aka Hammer has shared his thoughts on the issue. In a Facebook post Monday, he said (Unscripted):

“Time to break ye silence on this BET SAGA. Well I’ve heard Jay Foley’s point, Chris-Vincent Agyapong‘s point,Fuse ODG’s point and Lilian N. Blankson‘s point… But I’m sorry even though Chris’s point is quite radical, I’m forced to see the logic in it.

I witnessed first hand the efforts Lillian put in this African involvement in the BET… It was her baby.She pushed and pushed until it was finally realized and nobody is more proud of her amongst the Africans than us Ghanaians.But moving forward Let’s forget about the performance and number of audience of the BET experience designed for the Africans audience abroad.My beef is what’s the point in recognizing one African category if u can’t expose that recipient to the main BET EVENT AUDIENCE Where they would be at least seen by JAY Z, RICK ROSS OR ANY OF THESE BIG STARS.It’s only one category for God sake. Make space on the big stage for them to receive that award and let expose them to the real American industry if u really want to give us a platform.The BET experience stage on the other hand can be used for their performances to the African audience but definitely not the award. That’s unacceptable. Fuse is right I’m sorry.And mind u when we lament that its backstage, it’s not because it’s really behind the stage. It simply means it’s not on the big stage.”