Harare to the world: Inspiring journey of Zimbabwean dancehall artist, Makangula

Zimbabwean-based artist Makangula, real name Vincent Tonderai Gwiliza, has been a trailblazer in the music industry.

Makangula, real name Vincent Tonderai Gwiliza

With a preferred genre that includes Afrodancehall, Afrobeats, and Dancehall, his music has brought about conscious inspiration and motivation to his fans.

In this feature article, we’ll take a closer look at his life and career, including some of his most notable achievements and collaborations.

Makangula was born on April 17th, 1988, at Harare Hospital and grew up in Highfield, one of the oldest high-density suburbs in Harare.

He is the only child in his family, and musically, he stands for inspiration and motivation.


Makangula wrote his first song while in the sixth grade, and he has been unstoppable ever since.

The artist's music brand has immensely contributed to the growth of Zimbabwean music, and he was part of a group of artists under the banner of the Zimdancehall genre, who dominated the music landscape from the turn of the new millennium to date.

He did a lot of background music work at his established home studio based in Highfields, Harare, which became a converging place for qualitative, vast and untapped talent.

The late SoulJah love, Seh Calaz, Celcius, Nutty O, and Maggical made music projects at the same studio before the radio stations boom, which helped in catapulting dancehall artists to dizzy heights.

Makangula's career highlights timeline began in 2009 when he started professional recording with 'Mcgyver' Kemson Fenton, a Zimbabwean-based Jamaican producer and sound engineer at Ice Reign Records in Eastlea, Harare.


He also performed voluntarily for various NGOs such as ZICHIRe BC as a community service to promote health and issues dealing with gender-based violence.

This reflects the intrinsic values of the artist, which are often portrayed in his music.

In 2011, Makangula took a significant step in his career when he moved his studio to the CBD at Earlsidehotel as Xfactatainment, which he co-owned together with Marlven Tasikani, also known as "Kross."

In 2012, he released a three-track singles collection that touched on a number of issues, including love, having a positive dream for the future, and the issue of "beef" within the Zimdancehall industry.

Later on, Makangula released an 11-track singles collection with hits like Mweya nenyama, Namwari, Nikkie Minaj ft. Maggikal, Shamwari dzangu, and Musadaro kani, amongst others.


He has also featured on a track by Maggikal, called "Tisu Varidzi," which was on the riddim Fifthy Calibre produced by Oskid at Kenako Studios.

The song made an impact in the streets, nightclubs, and the video went number 1 on the Zimdancehall Amplified show, which premiered on Zimbabwe's national TV station, ZBC.

In 2016, Makangula went to Johannesburg, South Africa, and collaborated with South African artist Carlo Mpanza, recording a smash track titled Siyapusha which was played on some Joburg radio stations.

He also featured on a number of couple riddims produced by giant recording labels in Zimbabwe, including Chillspot Records. He released a hitsong on

Makangula's latest single, "Abracadabra," which comes with brilliant visuals, was released on 17th April 2023.


It is a testament to his growth and development as an artist, and he hopes to continue to inspire and motivate people through his music.

Makangula believes that hard work, determination, and a positive attitude are the keys to success in the music industry.

He is a testament to this philosophy, and his journey thus far is a true inspiration to aspiring artists in Zimbabwe and beyond.


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