Lasmid parts ways with Highly Spiritual Music

Ghanaian singer, Lasmid has parted ways with Kaywa's record label, Highly Spiritual Music, as their contract has expired.

Lasmid, MTN Hitmaker 8 winner

In an interview with Andy Dosty on Adom TV, Kaywa confirmed the rumors of Lasmid's departure from the label. He revealed that Lasmid had expressed his desire to leave even before the VGMA event on the 24th of that month.

Speculations suggest that Lasmid's decision to leave was prompted by the label's rejection of his request for a 50-50 split of revenue.

Bullgod, the CEO of Bullhaus Entertainment and artist manager, recently expressed concerns about the future of Lasmid, the winner of the New Artiste of the Year award at the 2023 Vodafone Ghana Music Awards.

Bullgod, in response to the situation, sought to understand Lasmid's intentions behind the 50-50 split. He questioned whether Lasmid was also willing to invest equally in the endeavors.

Bullgod emphasized that Bullhaus Entertainment invested not only money but also time and effort in Lasmid's career. He mentioned that while the label agreed to give Lasmid 10% of the revenue and retain 90%, Lasmid's demand for a 50-50 split emerged later, potentially after a specific timeframe or after achieving a hit song.

“When you say 50-50, what does it mean? So let’s take Vanilla, we’re investing everything, money, time and all that so he doesn’t have to spend his money. He’s also spending his time and talent. So when we say we’re giving you 10% of revenue and retain 90%, and you agree and sign, at which point do you demand 50-50 split? Maybe after 6 months, 8 months or one hit song depending on the time span it takes, you ask for more…we don’t have a problem with that, but the question is, will you invest 50-50? Because you need to invest before you recoup,” he told host of the Connect FM‘s Entertainment Review Show Ato Kwamina D’Gem.

“We keep downplaying [the role of] artiste management, brands and labels but they play a serious role. We have so many talents, why are they not all out there? You need guidance and it takes a lot to do that. It’s not like we pick you up and everything starts working out automatically. You have your voice, if you think you can make it on your own, why did go for management?”

He added that if budding artistes feel they can do it without labels, the should just do it without worrying label owners.

“… if Lasmid or anybody out there think they can do it, they should just do it. They shouldn’t come and worry people and later demand 50-50 because it’s unfair. If you want 50-50, no problem, but first pay the money we’ve put in your craft and I’m sure if you speak to Kaywa he’ll agree to this.”

He suggested that if aspiring artists felt they could thrive without label support, they should go ahead and do so without burdening label owners. Bullgod emphasized the unfairness of demanding a 50-50 split without first repaying the investments made by the label.

Expressing his concerns, Bullgod mentioned past instances where artists who left labels faced difficulties. He cited examples like Kurl Songx and Yaw Berk, who struggled after leaving their respective labels. Bullgod urged Lasmid to consider amicable departures and highlighted the need to acknowledge the support and opportunities provided by the label.

Bullgod expressed genuine fears about Lasmid's future after parting ways with Kaywa and Highly Spiritual Music. He emphasized the importance of recognizing the contributions made by labels and cautioned against disregarding their role in an artist's success.


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