Who did Cain marry? - Rev Dr Sonnie asks in Valentine's Day post

Gospel singer and founder of Rockhill Chapel, Rev. Sonnie Badu, need answers to some narrations from the Bible.

Sonnie Badu

The Ghanaian preacher has taken to social media to ask his followers about who Cain got married to in the Bible.

According to Sonnie Badu, he thought God only created Adam and Eve who gave birth to Cain and Abel, hence, he can't seem to understand whom Cain married as said in Genesis 4:17. Sonnie Badu dropped the question in a Valentine's Day post.

He wrote "who did this to us? Where is the hidden mysteries? So Cain married? Ok, what is his wife’s name? Who are her parents? I thought it was just Adam, Eve, Cain and Abel .. Then Abel died so Cain was left … I have questions…. Can scholars help me please? Happy valentine on behalf of Cain to his wife".


It's unclear why Sonnie Badu is posing the question to his fans as many of his followers believe that as someone who studied theology, he definitely knows the answer to the question.

However, some social media users have been answering his question. "You thought? Or you read? You need to study the Bible more," a Facebooker wrote with another adding that "the bible is written according to someone or people. Psalms, John,Peter , etc . So common sense will say that the writer might emphasise on some points & not mention some points at all . It doesn’t mean they didn’t happen".

Another comment stated that "it is believed Adam and Eve had other children beside Cain and Abel, but then why aren’t they mentioned? For me I will say it is because of the point of view from which the writer of Genesis is writing from. The Bible is not a disconnected book, but its story all flow together and goes along. Thus, the reason why others weren’t mentioned was because the writer of Genesis was focusing on particular events and trying to trace history up to the time he was writing. The other persons within that time (of Cain and Abel) may not have been important to his storyline. My humble submission".


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