Easy & Safe: 5 reasons to start trading cryptocurrency with Yellow Card

Financial independence is a goal and desire for many. However, it takes hard work, dedication and intelligent decision making to get there.

Easy & Safe: 5 reasons to start trading cryptocurrency with Yellow Card

Identifying and seizing the right opportunities appears to be a brilliant place to start. But first, you must evaluate the opportunity to determine whether it is the right one for you. This has been the stumbling block for many cryptocurrency users. Understanding cryptocurrency and how to trade may seem like rocket science, but it’s not. Yellow Card understands this and that it is why it is here to help.

Yellow Card Financial is a FinTech firm that aims to create a new financial infrastructure for the African continent that promotes financial inclusion for all. Utilising two of the favourite acts of this generation - swipe and tap - Yellow Card has made it easy and safe to trade in cryptocurrency without necessarily racking your brains.

Here are five (5) reasons to start trading cryptocurrency with Yellow Card.

  • Yellow Card operates a secure and trusted platform.

In an era where few people can be trusted with money, Yellow Card offers a one-stop destination for dealing with your crypto transactions while cutting off middlemen and “WhatsApp group Crypto Gurus”. You no longer have to send money through Kofi, who then sends it to Abena, to be confirmed by Nii before Daavi does the buying on your behalf. You can do all this at the tip of your fingers with Yellow Card while being assured that your interests are being protected. Yellow Card remains the safest place to buy and sell crypto online.

  • Best rates and zero fees

Transaction fees are no trouble for small sums until you have to scale to huge sums. Therefore, it is essential that you minimise the cost of trading by selecting a platform with minimal transaction fees. Yellow Card offers this and much more. Yellow Card offers the best rates on cryptocurrencies, making it easier to attain your financial goals. It earns its revenue from a margin on cryptocurrency transactions; the Bid-Ask spread and provides its customers with the best services at no extra cost. Yes, you read right! With Yellow Card, you enjoy the best rates with no hidden charges.

  • Ease and Convenience

One of the worst feelings you may experience is owning funds and not being able to access them. The funds remain yours and are under your credentials. However, adding to it or redeeming it becomes a challenge you have to deal with. Yellow Card aims to solve this problem by creating a secure platform where you can quickly deposit and withdraw your funds from anywhere in the world. With Yellow Card’s variety of payment methods, including mobile money, you can buy cryptocurrency online easily with cedi.

  • Easy and Simple to Operate

Yellow Card allows you to trade crypto with ease. With just a few taps or clicks, you can get started on trading cryptocurrencies. All you have to do is sign up on the Official Yellow Card website, You can also download the Yellow Card app available on Appstore and Google play to get started. Create an account, fund your wallet through mobile money and start buying and selling cryptocurrency instantly.

  • Top-notch Customer service

There is an Akan adage that loosely reads, ‘A good product sells itself.’ Yellow Card has expanded to several African countries in the last few years, including Botswana, Cameroon, Kenya, Nigeria, and South Africa alone, before launching in Uganda, Ghana, Cameroon, and Zambia. Yellow Card has provided its customers home and abroad with the very best customer experience in these places. You can access its customer service 24/7 through its Help Centre, and they are equipped and willing to help you meet all your needs. Its customer reviews from these countries only prove that Yellow Card is set on its mission, financial inclusion for all.

Yellow Card has indeed brought cryptocurrency to the grassroots of Ghana. With this in mind, you can have all of these benefits at your fingertips. Visit the Yellow Card website now and get started with trading crypto.



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