“I don’t care how many marriages it takes; I will keep trying..." - Woman, 56 to divorce 10th hubby

A 56-year-old woman who has married and divorced 9 times with the 10th divorce pending has vowed to continue with the trajectory until she finally finds the right man who can love her.

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She is a successful businesswoman from the United States, according to

Her story has made news headlines following her appearance on Dr. Phil to ask for relationship advice.

Cassey is currently with her 10th husband but is still not satisfied with what she is getting from the marriage, so she intends to end the relationship and possibly opt for the 11th one.


The woman who appears to be a no-nonsense one disclosed that she is always the initiator of all the divorces in her 9 previous marriages, a move she is planning to take for the tenth time.

“When I’m in a marriage and I just can’t take it anymore, I’m usually the first one to say, ‘That’s it; we’re getting a divorce, and I quit,'” Cassey told Dr. Phil.

According to her, her first marriage which was the longest of all, lasted for eight years after which she and her husband mutually agreed to divorce.


She then entered a second marriage and had a son but that also ended after seven years.

Cassey explained that her husband stopped telling her that he loved her, and would simply reply ‘Ditto’ when she said it to him. They both grew apart and eventually went their separate ways.

Without giving further details about how the seven subsequent marriages ended before she ventured into the current tenth one, she claimed to have married all caliber of men but none has proven worthy of the trouble.

Her 10th and current husband who called her a “control freak” is on the verge of joining the league of her ex-husbands as Cassey is bent on moving on to the next man and probably continue trying until her kind of husband comes her way someday.


“I don’t care how many marriages it takes; I will keep trying until I find the one that can love me,” she hints.



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