Two unknown assailants attacked a 19-year old gay man in London, strangled him until he run out of breath and apologized for being a gay.

The young man had been on a westbound Jubilee line train with his friends between West Ham and North Greenwich on 21 October to attend an event when the attack ensued.

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According to, the two attackers approached the victim on the train he was on board and one of them pulled the victim from his seat into a headlock and strangled him, while the second man snatched the his phone and verbally abused him amidst threats of stabbing him.

Sensing danger, the gay man quickly apologized for being gay and the assailants let him off the hook.

Confirming the incident, the British Transport Police warmed in a statement that "Hate crime will not be tolerated by the British Transport Police.

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"We believe everyone has the right to travel safely.

"We won't tolerate behaviour where someone is targeted because they are perceived to be different, or made to feel uncomfortable on their journey."

Meanwhile, the police suspected some two persons who "may have information which could help the investigation."