A 26-year-old woman, Brave Chelsea Watson was so severely assaulted by her ex-boyfriend that

The young mother had been in an unstable relationship with Dean Murphy for 10 years.

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According to the Mirror.co.uk, Dean Murphy who is an ex-psychiatric patient subjected Chelsea to the torture for six hours, after he invited her to his home in Middlesbrough on September 24.

Murphy has now been convicted and awaiting his sentencing on December 4.

After his conviction, Chelsea has chosen to speak about her ordeal, saying “He hit me with glass, stamped on my face, strangled, kicked and punched me,” Chelsea said.

“He dragged me around by my hair and I was out cold.

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“The whole thing lasted about six hours but I can’t even remember escaping I was that badly hurt, I just remember crossing some traffic lights.

“I still can’t sleep as this has tortured me.”