Bald man's head cut off by ritual killers who believe it contains gold

Police in Mozambique are investigating the beheading of a bald man for suspected ritual purposes.

Bald man

According to the officials, the head of the bald man has been cut off by unknown persons who wanted to sell it to a client from Mali.

The BBC reports that the criminals left the severed bald head in the central town of Muandiwa when their customer to whom they had wanted to sell it disappeared.

It is reported that some people in Mozambique believe that bald heads contain gold, hence the increase in the killing of men with bald heads, a practice that came to light in 2017.

Mozambique is not alone in the trade of body parts; it has peers such as Malawi and Tanzania where persons living with albinism and other conditions are hunted and killed.

The belief in the above-mentioned countries is that the body parts of persons with such conditions bring wealth in business and other ventures.

They mostly have customers who buy the body parts at high prices and then retail to others who need them to ‘enhance their fortunes’.

Early last year, a report revealed that not less than 114 people with albinism had disappeared in Mozambique over the past seven years.

The southern African country’s human rights commission said 55 criminal proceedings related to the disappearances were ongoing.


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