Church members look on as pastor ‘molests’ tall man in church to cast out evil spirit (video)

A video of a pastor more or less molesting a male church member in the name of exorcism has emerged online and triggered numerous reactions.

Church members look on as pastor ‘molests’ tall man in church to cast out evil spirit

The video shared on Instagram by @tattleroomng shows the yet-to-be-identified man of God lifting the man who is taller than him and hitting him on the ground.

However, it appears the height and weight of the feeble-looking man pulled the pastor along and they both landed on the ground.

As if that was not enough, the man of God who appeared bent on casting out whatever evil spirit he claimed to have seen in the man, lifted him again on his shoulder and threw him into the congregation.

Interestingly, the other church members looked on, and understandably so when their fellow church member was being ‘delivered’ of the said evil spirit.

Unlike in some instances where some people believed to be spiritually strong surround whoever is being exorcised, it was not the case in the video that is fast going viral.

It is unclear what spirit was being cast out of the man and why it had to take him being lifted and hit on the ground for it to flee his body. Probably the evil spirit was so deeply rooted in him that his body had to be dismantled before the pastor could get rid of it.

It also remains unclear now where exactly the incident took place and at which church, but it has clearly angered a lot of people who have described it as unacceptable.


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