Compassionate Ghanaian police officer buys crutches for disabled beggar (Video)

The Ghana police service may have been notorious for various shameful reasons including corruption and unprofessionalism exhibited by some of its officers sometimes, but it will be unfair to draw a sweeping conclusion that all police officers are bad.

Compassionate Ghanaian police officer buys clutches for disabled beggar (Video)

In fact, there are compassionate police officers who carry out their duties as professionally as possible, but conducts of some miscreants have unfortunately shrouded the good ones.


A video circulating online shows one of such humane officers handing over new crutches to a disabled beggar who was not expecting same.

In the awe-inspiring video, the beggar was just going about his regular begging when a taxi suddenly parked by him.


He was surprised to see the police officer emerge from the car and then bring out the crutches which he presented to him.

Apparently being the first time of using walking-aid, the disabled beggar could not hide his joy and appreciation for the police officer.

It is not clear yet where in Ghana the incident occurred, but the video has generated reactions from some social media users, some of whom have commended the police officer for being exceptional.

Watch the video below:



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