The suspect, 35-year-old man from Tswelopele near Midrand in Johannesburg, South Africa stabbed Palesa Moloi, 27 several times for disregarding his authority as the head of the family.

He is reported to have warned earlier that he would be the one to open the Jameson whisky before it could be shared among the family.

He was highly incensed to realise however, on the New Year day that the deceased had reached for the whisky from the cupboard, opened it and took a sip.

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When police arrived at the scene, they found the corpse of the deceased with the drunken suspect staring at it.

Captain Bernard Matimulane is quoted as saying: “When police interrogated him, he told them he killed the woman because she opened his bottle of whiskey and drank some while he was not around.

“He told the cops only he, as the head of the household, was entitled to open the liquor. He claimed it was his culture.”

Just as the deceased’s father, Geelbooi Moloi, the Acting Ivory Park station commander, Colonel Baba Mpotoane expressed shock over the bloody incident.

The police officer said: “We are saddened by women being killed by the people who are supposed to love and protect them.”

The suspect is being taken through the necessary trial processes to face the consequences of his action.