Controversial socialite, Zodwa Wabantu who is famous for dancing on stage without wearing pant is the latest to have proposed marriage to her 24-year-old lover she has been dating for four years.

The 33-year-old dancer made the proposal at Eyadini Lounge, in Durban where she went down on her knees and asked her fiancé to marry her.

What many people are talking about is the kind of ring she placed on the finger of the young man identified as Ntobeko Ben10.

It is a custom-made diamond ring costing KSh 428,906 (Ghs 22,037.10). She is reported to have said that she got the money from her pantless twerking over the years.

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When asked why she was the one proposing to her lover, Zodwa told local media that there was no need to waste time any further as she could lose the guy to another woman.

“I love him, he has been with me through it all. I' am old and checking my time to marry him before I run out of time or he leaves me," she is quoted as saying.

But how binding is the expensive ring on Ben10 to keep him from jilting Zodwa if he wants to? He also reported as saying that their engagement is a joke.

"This is not a public stunt. It's real and I can't wait for our marriage journey. I love her because she's truthful and fights for what she wants. I'm head over heels with my queen," he said.

Apparently, some men who see it as awkward for a woman to propose to a man have been raising issues of the incident being unconventional. But the unperturbed young man said he would not be detracted.

He said: "What's the difference if the engagement proposal is done by a man or woman. I don't care what people say because they have been calling us names."

He proceeded to advise other women: "If you love your man why wait for him to put a ring on it? You can also do the same if you are in a relationship."

The elated Zodwa resorted to Instagram to share a video and photos of the event as well as an invoice to prove that the ring is custom-made and she indeed paid for it.