A female twitter user has incurred the wrath of some feminists after she resorted to the social media platform to make a controversial statement that, if a man cheats on his partner, the woman should be the one to apologise to him instead of the other way round.

It is not clear what prompted the lady identified on twitter as Lorena Ramos to make such a statement, and whether she was oblivious of the consequent backlash that it might engender.

According to her, for a man to make the choice and proceed to cheat on his partner, it means the woman has some deficiencies, and for which reason she must not complain, but rather check herself to ascertain that deficiency.

Having figured out the deficit, Lorena Ramos said the woman must then apologise to the man for having deprived him of that special thing all along.

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She wrote: “If he cheated on you, instead of leaving him, just understand that you lack something which the girl he cheated on you doesn’t. Find out the error in yourself, apologise to him, say sorry to him. Accept it be a better woman. He is innocent and you are the one with guilt. Shut up.”

Lorena Ramos’ view infuriated some feminists who launched attacks on her left right center, condemning her.

However, some people, mostly men whose case she seemed to have fought quickly came to her defense, saying she was spot-on.

If Lorena Ramos' opinion is to be taken seriously, then every man will cheat on their women, because just like the men, women cannot be perfect.

See her post below: