Couple & guests spend wedding night sitting outside as punishment for breaking Covid-19 rules

Instead of spending their wedding night in a luxury location creating all sorts of indelible memories after their wedding, a couple was forced to sit in the open inside a stadium with their guests as punishment for breaching Covid-19 rules.

Couple & guests spend wedding night sitting outside as punishment for breaking Covid-19 rules

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The dramatic incident took place in Rwanda, according to a report by SPARK TV.

The news channel reported that the newly wedded couple failed to comply with certain protocols put in place by authorities to curb the spread of Covid-19 in the country.

A photo shared by SPARK TV shows the apparently unhappy and stressed-out couple sitting by each other but facing different directions with sadness boldly written all over their bodies.

The black suit-wearing groom sits with his arms folded while turning his back to his groom who he should be cuddling at that moment. The bride is also seen in her white wedding gown with the veil still on as if the groom had not yet lifted it while wearing a nose mask with her arms folded too.

Guests, including family and friends, are also seen seated behind the couple with most of them dozing off. Some of them used their clothes to shield themselves from the cold weather and probably mosquito bites.

“A newlywed couple was forced to spend their honeymoon night sitting outside in a stadium together with their guests as a punishment for breaking the Covid-19 rules in Rwanda,” SPARK TV captioned the photo of the couple and their guests on its Facebook page.

Simply, authorities did what they had to do to enforce Covid-19 rules for the good of the larger population, but they undoubtedly ruined the beauty and the joy of the couple, which ostensibly was the motive though.

In fact, there could not have been any more remarkable wedding night experience for this couple, only that it is not a pleasant one.

Some followers of the news channel have been reacting to the development with some applauding the authorities for the action they took against the couple.


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