Man loses half of his head in car crash

Carlos Halfy Rodriguez lost a large portion of his brain and skull after flying through his cars windscreen and landing on his head

A man in the United States of America lost half of his head in a car crash that was caused by drunk driving.


A police report described Carlos ‘Halfy’ Rodriguez as “half head” which was a result of the injury he suffered from a car crash.

Carlos 'Halfy' Rodriguez, in Miami, Florida, also known as Sosa, lost a large portion of his brain and skull in the  crash after flying through his car's windscreen and landing head-first on the road.

In a bid to save his life, doctors were forced to cut away large amounts of flesh. He has since been able to continue his life.


Carlos just put out a video where he uses his appearance and story to warn others not to drink and take drugs.

“I was barred out on drugs. I was driving and I hit a pole and flew out the front window and landed on my head, he says in the video which was posted on Youtube.

“And this is how the old boy has come out. That is why it is not good drinking and driving or drugness (sic) and driving. It is no good kids, “he says showing his deformed head.



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