The incident reportedly happened at Mikinduri station in Tigania central sub-county, Meru county.

According to, Corporal Stephen Sammy Lenairoshi was said to have assaulted the officer commanding (OCS) Mikinduri station Patrick Wambugu Mwatha on Tuesday, December 1.

In a police report, Wambugu said he had summoned Lenairoshi to his office after which he instructed him to accompany the county assistant commissioner Stephen Ogola and health officials enforcing COVID-19 guidelines, the news portal reported.

He added that the junior officer who was apparently drunk and not in his right frame of mind, honoured the summon nonetheless.

Upon noticing that Corporal Stephen Sammy Lenairoshi was drunk, Patrick Wambugu Mwatha attempted to excuse himself to attend to other matters.

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However, unexpectedly, Lenairoshi allegedly descended on him with kicks and blows. Citadel

It took the quick intervention of other officers to rescue Mwatha.

Lenairoshi was arrested and placed in custody awaiting further instructions, reports say.

The officer is likely to be charged with assaulting officer in contravention of the penal code.

In other news, some Nigerians have raised fears after pictures of a Caucasian man reported to have been recruited into the country’s police force hit the internet.

Reports say the white man married a Nigerian woman and relocated to the country several years ago.

Concerned Nigerians have raised questions about the development because it is unprecedented in the country’s history to see a white man join the police force.

Meanwhile, the man in question is said to have become a citizen of Nigeria after spending several years in the country and. He even has two children - a boy and a girl, reports say.

After the photos went into circulation, some Nigerians on social media have been poking fun at them, while others raised serious issues of the likelihood of the Caucasian officer being a spy or getting corrupted by his Nigerian colleagues soon.