Ebony fondling video: mortuary man under investigation

Many Ghanaians took to social media to express disgust after the said mortuary man was caught on camera touching the naked body parts of the late dancehall diva.


In a statement, the GHS said its attention has been "drawn to publications/broadcast by the print and electronic media on a leaked video of an ‘unidentified’ mortuary attendant/staff fondling corpses alleged to be that of Miss Ebony Reigns and her friend who were recently involved in a fatal road traffic accident."

It added: “The GHS has initiated investigations to ascertain the identity of the alleged mortuary man and also to confirm whether the incident occurred in a mortuary facility belonging to the Service."

In the said video, which has since gone viral, the mortuary is seen spreading his hands across the corpses of Ebony and her friend, Franky Kuri, as another stands by to video the action.

Some Ghanaians have since called for the mortuary man to be arrested, saying he has failed to respect the dead.

Addressing the concerns of Ghanaians, GHS said, "it upholds the dignity and rights of our patients and will therefore not countenance such unethical conduct if it is established that the alleged mortuary attendant is a staff of the service.”

The mortuary man at the centre of the controversy has claimed that it was the police that asked him to video Ebony's corpse.

The police have denied the charge.



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