Elderly lovers tie the knot after 43 years of dating (photos)

While some people would not want to spend time studying their partners for more than two years, others don’t care if it takes them eternity to sufficiently know the person they intend to spend their lives with.

Elderly lovers tie the knot after 43 years of dating (photos)

Guess what! An elderly couple from England has just got married after spending a mind-blowing 43 years knowing each other.

Reports say the groom, Colin Jones had been proposing to his 72-year-old bride, Pauline Young since they met in as far back as 1976, but the unsure woman kept declining to marry him, according to W24.

Having cleared all her doubts about Colin, Pauline decided to be the one to propose to her lover at the end of last year.

“When Pauline asked me, I almost fell off the bed,” Collin disclosed.

It is further reported that Collin and Pauline had moved to Malta 14 years ago to start a B&B together on the island, but due to the latter’s difficult neurological condition called corticobasal degeneration, which required that she lives in a care facility, they were compelled to return to England.

Collin is quoted as having explained: “When Pauline moved to the care facility, she felt at home. They made her feel so welcome and safe. Science does not really have an answer to her condition.”

The two lovebirds reportedly got married on Valentine’s Day this year in a ceremony described as a romantic one.

Collin who visits Pauline at the care home every two weeks was full of excitement, saying: “There is so much love here at the moment. Everyone around us is so happy.”

Obviously, what is meant to be will be, irrespective of how long it takes.


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