Pastor ‘heals sick’ calf, says the animal’s strong faith saved it (video)

Just as in Ghana where many ‘men of God’ have free hands to do all manner of things in the name of miracles, South Africa seems to be even a bigger haven for such pastors.

Pastor ‘heals sick’ calf, says the animal’s strong faith saved it (video)

One of the country’s controversial pastors, Paseka Motsoeneng aka prophet Mboro who is known for claiming that he had visited heaven and killed Satan, is in the news headlines again.

A Facebook video in circulation shows the man of God claiming to be healing a calf he claimed had a swollen leg and had trouble moving round, reports.

In the video, the leader of the Incredible Happenings church is heard expressing his surprise to some people believed to be owners of the said calf, why people keep doubting his powers to do miraculous things.

A couple of weeks earlier, when his counterpart, Alph Lukau’s resurrection stunt backfired, Mboro joined the public to condemn his fellow man of God, and when people tried to remind him of the fact that he is not any different, he threw a challenge that anybody who has any proof that he did not visit heaven as he had claimed should expose him.

"Even if I can say I went to heaven, nobody can say I did not go to heaven, because nobody knows heaven," quoted him as saying.

Watch a video of him healing the calf below:


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