The video rather shows him talking to someone about how some young people now take delight in engaging in money rituals using the blood of children.

The controversial MP who takes pride in saying that the only two things he dreams of when he sleeps are money and fight has been trading insults with the equally controversial man of God for the past few days.

It all started when a report described by Obinim as “fake” went viral saying that he had claimed to have found a cure for the coronavirus pandemic. Although he had denied the reports, Kennedy Agyapong who has always had issues with some men of God described Obinim and other pastors as jokers.

The lawmaker then set out to expose the “bad deeds” of the pastors he claims are not genuine men of God. As part of the agenda, he played videos on his TV station, with one showing Obinim in bed with a lady who’s not his wife.

Another short video showed the man of God speaking to someone about how to make ritual money through the use of little children’s blood.

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However, further checks have revealed that, in his attempt to paint the man of God black at all cost as he has set out to do, Kennedy simply cut that short portion of Obinim’s conversation to make it look as though he was urging whoever he was speaking to, to engage in money ritual.

Obinim may not be upright, but on this particular video, it appears Kennedy Agyapong just wanted to deliberately damage his image beyond repairs, although the man of God had apologised to him for the developments that have transpired between them.

Watch the video below and draw your conclusions: