A 44-year-old man was severely assaulted at Kantamnto market in Accra after he was suspected of attempting to steal used sanitary pads for rituals.

Adomonline.com news report indicated that Abubakar Awudim incurred the wrath of traders in the market who claimed to have seen him reaching for a bag in the market’s public toilet containing women’s used sanitary pads.

They pounced on him beating him left, right and center with bare fists, stones, sticks and any weapon they could lay their hands on, until the suspect fell unconscious.

Later, when the man apparently gained consciousness, he denied the claims for which he was attacked, saying he was a fellow trader from Tema who had come to the market to buy goods.

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He was quote as saying: “I am a trader in Tema and I only came to Accra to buy some goods. The polythene bag they claim I took from the public toilet had nothing in it. I only wanted to put some items in it after visiting the gents.

“I reached for the bag only to be attacked by some men claiming I was stealing the pad for rituals but that was not the case.”