Ghanaian law student uses final year school fees to build stainless charcoal factory (video)

A Ghanaian young man had always had a passion for reading law and was pursuing it to become a lawyer until a littered Osu street in Accra struck a chord in him one day on his way to school and that has been the turning point in his life.

Ghanaian law student uses final year school fees to establish stainless charcoal factory (video)

The young man identified as Amin Suley said he was on his way to school when he saw the streets dirtied with coconut pod and husk, so he began thinking about what use he could make of the situation to his advantage while keeping the streets clean.


The thought of using the waste to make charcoal occurred to him, so he travelled to the northern part of the country where charcoal burning is one of their main activities to understudy them.

He then came back to start using the cocoanut pods and husks to make charcoal that is stainless although black as ordinary charcoal.


What is interesting is the fact that he diverted his final year law school fees to invest in the charcoal making business and deserted the law.

Looking at the size of an industry he has built with that risky decision, it was a risk worth taking.

Watch him in the video below as he narrates the whole story:



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