HIV+ woman gets healed as her immune system cleanses itself of the virus

The second case of an HIV positive person getting healed due to the immune system cleansing itself of the virus has been recorded.

HIV+ woman gets healed as her immune system cleanse itself of the virus

The latest development was published in the Annals of Internal Medicine, a medical journal on November 16.

According to the journal, the case involved a woman from Argentina’s Esperanza.

It disclosed that doctors tested over a billion cells of the woman identified simply as “Esperanza patient” and could not find an HIV infection in any of them.

Reports say the anonymous patient was first diagnosed with HIV in 2013.

She had HIV-1, which is the most prevalent form of HIV in the world. 95% of HIV positive people have the HI-1 while HIV-2 is a less infectious strain of the virus.

Meanwhile, a report by News24 said there have been two other cases of HIV cure recorded in Berlin and London.

According to the report, without the use of AVR, doctors resorted to stem cell transplants referred to as “elite controllers” to cure the patients.

One of them, Adam Castillejo, the London patient, was diagnosed with HIV in 2003 and did not need his daily ARTs any longer after receiving donor stem-cell treatment, which he also received for cancer, reports say.

According to the BBC, his HIV-infected cells were wiped out and replaced during his cancer therapy. His donor was reported to also be one of the 1% of people born with genes that prevent HIV from entering and infecting cells.

The reports that disclosed the two rare cases suggested that stem cell transplants should be investigated further as they appear to be an effective (but very rare) form of sterilisation of the virus, the news website added.


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