“I know you don’t love me but come back & let’s raise our kids” – Man begs wife who's left home

03/03/2021 | Pulse Ghana | Andreas Kamasah
“I know you don’t love me but come back & let’s raise our kids” – Man begs wife

According to the Kenyan man, it has become necessary to reunite with his estranged wife for the sake of their children.

George Sagala told TUKO.co.ke he needs Hellen Kasimoni back so that they could raise their two children together.

He explained that his spouse left behind her family a month ago and he has since not seen her.

"Sometimes, even my children ask me where my wife is and I do not even know what to tell them," George Sagala told the news portal.

He added that their marriage had so plummeted that they both grew apart and resorted to cheating because they had stayed for months without getting intimate.

However, when he found out that she had had sexual relations with another man, George Sagala said he physically abused Hellen Kasimoni which made her desert her matrimonial home.

"We stayed for six months without any intimate relations. After I found out she was having relations with another man, I was so furious that I beat her up," he is quoted as saying.

Although he is the one pleading with his wife to return, he warned that she should be quick in deciding whether to come back or not because he cannot wait for her forever.

The woman’s family who equally is not aware where she might have gone to are worried about her safety.

"Just come back Hellen and let us raise our children together. Though I know you do not love me anymore, just come for the sake of our kids," he begged.

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