Identical twins differentiated with one's stutter.

It’s a mystery that dates back three years, but French police have finally discovered which of a set of jailed twins was responsible for a series of rapes that terrorised Marseilles.


Yoan and Elvin Gomis, both 26, have been held in custody, suspected of committing the series of sexual assaults, since DNA evidence brought police to their doorstep, Mail Online reports.

Both as they are monozygotic twins the investigation ground to a halt, unable to discover which of the pair was guilty as their DNA is identical.

Monozygotic twins are not only physically identical, but also have an identical genetic make-up.

But the mystery was finally solved today after one of the twins, Yoan, made a dramatic confession in court.

Yoan admitted that he had carried out the three rapes, three attempted rapes and a sexual assault in the southern city of Marseille, between September 2012 and February 2013.

For the last 10 months, both brothers have been held in custody awaiting the outcome of the investigation.

Police had discovered matching evidence in five of the cases which had been traced back to the Gomis twins.

The pair were so close that not only did they share a flat in Marseille, they also shared clothes, a car, telephones and even a Facebook account.

"I admit all the facts" Yoan told the court, as the trial opened today in the city of Aix-en-Provence.

He added that he was sorry for having lied for so long and that he did not understand why he had attacked the women.

He continued: "I was ashamed of myself, I just couldn’t admit it."

Elvin, who has been released with all charges dropped, was also at the court.

Yoan previously made a partial confession, on March 17 2014, admitting stealing the victims’ handbags and mobile phones. But he denied the sexual assaults, insisting that the women were ‘lying’.

Vanessa Cerda, Yoan’s lawyer, said that the twins’ relationship had not suffered even though Elvin spent 10 months in prison for his brother.

"They have never mentioned it. [Elvin] absolutely does not hold it against him. It is all part of the mystery of the twins," Vanessa said.

A sentence is expected on Friday.


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