A 44-year-old mother from Duncan, Patricia Ann Spann is currently in prison with her 26-year-old daughter, Misty Spann after

The daughter, Misty Spann has been jailed for 10 years while her mum is in custody at Stephens County Jail, with a bail set at $10,000, after she literally pleaded not guilty, saying she was no longer listed as a parent on her daughter’s birth certificate.

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According to thesun.co.uk, Misty was raised by her grandmother after her 44-year-old mother lost custody of her three kids.

They reportedly reunited in 2014 and "hit it off".

According to a marriage license application office, the couple tied the knot in March 2016.

The Associated Press also reported that their marriage which is deemed incestuous under the Oklahoma state laws was discovered by authorities during a child welfare investigation.

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According to Tulsa World, Patricia is also on record to have been married to her biological son in 2008, but they divorced after 15 months when her son complained of the union being incestuous.

She is expected to appear in court January next year.