While some women are fleeing from their hostile marriages and others dying in silence because they have no other hope, a popular Tanzanian actress has revealed that she can hardly live with a man who is too loving and will not assault her once in a while.

Wema Sepetu is reported to have made the weird disclosure in an interview with Ijumaa Wikienda newspaper at her manager Neema Ndepanya’s birthday celebrations in Salasala.

Despite the global advocacy against domestic abuse, with women leading the fight against it, Wema Sepetu who should use her status as an actress to strengthen the frontiers of women said she cannot enjoy marriage without physical abuse.

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She is quoted as saying: “Napenda mwanaume anipe kipigo kidogo siyo mwanaume mnaishi miaka yote, halafu hata kukupiga kofi kidogo hakupigi,” (I like a man who beats me up occasionally, not one I’d to spend several years without hitting me, even just a slap).”

Well, everybody is different, but the beautiful actress may not have the support of feminists and human rights activists.