A young man has confessed to being a weed and cocaine addict from age 16. Speaking to Berla Mundi on the Late Afternoon Show, Nii who is undergoing treatment for drug addiction revealed how he

He added that after smoking cigarettes for about 6 years, he got introduced to marijuana and eventually cocaine at age 21 and has struggled with addiction since. He further disclosed that he was struggling with esteem issues, hence his dependence on drugs even without his parents’ knowledge.


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Speaking on how he got access to the drug which he eventually began selling, Nii openly mentioned that drugs were sold in every corner of the street and anyone could get access to it once introduced to the right person. He also added that he sold the drugs to minsters, students and just anyone who was interested in buying and he sold a gram for about GHC200.

Sadly, Nii could not complete his degree at the university due to drugs and has advised young people to desist from it as its a bad habit that could result in the destruction of lives. He’s been undergoing treatment at the House of St. Francis Clinic and Rehab Centre in Ashiaman.