I'm a christian but invoke your deities on anyone who tries to rig the 2020 election - Anita De-Soso

Former Women’s Organizer for the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC), Anita De-Soso has said that the only way the party can recapture power from the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP) is to invoke the powers of smaller gods on any person or group of persons who attempt to rig the forthcoming elections.

Anita De-Soso

She told Accra-based Okay FM that recent happenings in the electoral process suggest that the Electoral Commission (EC) is in bed with the NPP to rig the election in favour of the latter.


Madam De-soso who happened to be the former first Vice Chairperson of the NDC cited an incident she claimed happened in the 2008 elections where a former NDC Ashanti Regional Minister, Daniel Ohene Agyekum called on the river god Antoa to curse anyone seeking to physically assault NDC supporters, and according to her, it worked.

In her view, there will not be any iota of transparency or fairness in the December 7 polls, so the NDC must adopt every unconventional means possible to protect its interest.

“I have something to tell all our executives as we go into this year’s election. During the 2008 elections, an incident happened in the Ashanti Region after we were declared winners. Some of our members were maimed and wounded by our opponents. They charged towards the residence of Ohene Agyekum, they wanted to burn the house down...luckily for us, because Kumasi residents have a strong belief in the powers of Antoa, he placed a curse against the attackers by invoking that deity and they all scurried away....take inspiration from that...


“So, I am using this medium to tell all our executives; as for me I am a Christian and so I am fasting and praying to my God but if anyone has any belief in anything, whether river, rock, trees or any object, pray to them, invoke their powers during the election because we don’t have guns or any weapons; place a curse against anyone who will dare to rig the polls. That is the only language the NPP understands so if they have any evil intentions in the upcoming election, it will compel them to have a changed mindset...

“We have to be serious due to the happenings prior to the election because we have seen that the legal processes won't work in our favour…as for me and my group, we are fasting and praying but if you know that a particular town or region has belief in any deity when the time is due, commit the election into that deity's hands...that will put fear into the hearts of anyone who has been bribed to rig the elections,” Anita De-Soso is quoted as saying.



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