I've not had sex for 23 years although my husband urged me to get it outside – Woman cries

A 50-year-old woman has expressed regret for having wasted her time with a husband who refused to get intimate with her for 23 years and she has now reached menopause.

My husband hasn’t touched me for 23 years; he asked me to get sex outside – Woman cries

Peninah Mueni Kyalo from Kenya walked out of a failed marriage before she met a military man who she thought was every woman’s desired man.

The man, according to the now heartbroken woman, did not drink alcohol, was religious and loved her to her satisfaction, so she moved in with him in 1993, got pregnant and gave birth to a son.

Tuko.co.ke quoted Peninah as saying: "He was such a nice man. Seeing that I was expectant, he would help me do the laundry. He had such a beautiful heart."

She disclosed that she was mostly staying indoors, so she hardly knew what her husband was up to. She then heard that her husband was cheating on her with other women who were family friends.

"Someone came and informed me to be on the lookout because my namesake was making moves on my man behind my back," she recounted in an interview.

She realized later that her husband was not interested in having sex with her, but would rather sneak to get satisfaction outside while she was sex-starved.

When she confronted him, the father of her son didn’t mince words in telling her that he did not have any sexual urges towards her anymore, so she should feel free to seek her sexual satisfaction outside.

"The few times we got intimate he would forget and refer to me by another woman's name, especially Nyambura.

"He told me to get intimate with whoever I wanted and he would never stand in my way," Peninah narrated.

Now, she has regretted not walking out of the stale marriage to get another man till she has hit menopause and can’t give birth again.

"I would have loved to have more than one child, but I'm now over 50 years, which means it is too late for me to reverse things," she bemoaned.


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