Lawyer who was “taken to heaven by God” says the world will end in 6 years

A lawyer who claimed to have been “taken to heaven by God” has said that the world will come to an end in 6 years.

Lawyer who was “taken to heaven by God says the world will end in 6 years

He told Standard Digital that he was taken to heaven by God when he was in Class Five and was one of the two witnesses of the Almighty, reports.

"I was taken to heaven by God when I was in Class Five and Jesus told me that I will be one of the two witnesses of the revelation. When I was in the second year in university studying law, the Lord called me and he told me there were some things he wanted to teach me," Mwangi professed adding: "He dropped me from heaven and the next day, I found myself in bed. When I told my friends they all thought I was insane.”

There have been reports that Charles Mwangi Gachichio had once suffered mental illness and was taken to Mathari Mental Hospital for treatment but the legal practitioner debunked the claims.


"I stayed out of the university for six years after the ordeal and the Lord returned me and told me I will be one of the two witnesses of the revelation. The Bible says these two witnesses will come from Kenya... Isaiah 18...these witnesses will prophesy before Jesus returns and for a certain period after which they will be killed by 666 in Israel," he recounted.

He further claimed to have gone to Israel in December 2019 in preparation for his mission and he was received well by Jews and Palestinians.

Quoting Revelation 6 vs 2, he said that the COVID-19 is a sign that the world is coming to an end.

"The Bible says that by the time coronavirus comes, the world will have seven years before Jesus comes... you will get this in Revelation 11 vs 3 about the two witnesses prophesying for three and half years and 666 will then rule for the world for another 42 months."


According to, this is not the first time the Nairobi-based lawyer has made such a claim. The news portal said that over 10 years ago, together with another 'end-time prophet' Rahab Wanjiku Mwangi, Mwangi claimed that had God revealed to them that the world would end in 2010 but just as some Ghanaian prophets the prophecy failed to manifest.

Currently, he has sackcloth with the inscription ‘Prime Minister of God’ on the front and 'Waziri Mkuu Wa Mungu' on the back which he wears to even the court where lawyers are known to be always in suit and tie.



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