Well, a pastor who divorced his wife and has gone in for one of his employees has argued that marriage vows are satanic recitations that have no basis in the Bible.

The Ugandan preacher, Aloysius Bugingo, of House of Prayer Ministries said that the marriage vows came from hell and are the cause of many killings in various marital homes.

According to reports, while preaching during a lunch hour service, the man of God said he had read the bible from Genesis to Revelation and had not come across any wedding vow written.

He made a specific mention of the 'till death do us part' portion of the vow which he claimed was crafted by Anglicans, Catholics and born-agains.

"When couples find that they are no longer compatible, they find ways of killing each other because the vows involve death,” pastor Aloysius Bugingo alleged.

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" When Abraham was marrying Sarah, did he make those vows?” he asked, emphasising “they are from hell."

Meanwhile, it is reported that pastor Aloysius Bugingo recently divorced his wife, Teddy Bugingo on the grounds of sickness and moved in with an employee identified as Susan Makula after the annulment of his union.

His latest controversial stance on wedding vows has triggered speculations that he might only be trying to justify divorcing his wife and replacing her with his employee.