Dr Olutoye co-led a team of 21 doctors that removed a sacrococcygeal teratoma, a large tumor that grows on the tailbone of a fetus, and then returned the 23-week-old fetus to the mother’s womb to world acclaim.

For the surgery, the mother and fetus were given general anaesthesia and the part of the fetus’ body where the tumor was attached was taken out of the uterus.

Surgeons then removed as much of the mass as possible before returning the fetus to the womb. The team continued to monitor the mother over the course of her pregnancy to ensure that no further problems occurred until she delivered at 36 weeks.

At his new base, Dr Olutoye will lead one of the largest children’s hospital surgery departments in the world.

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Through his leadership of 11 surgical departments, Dr Olutoye will work to advance Nationwide Children’s common mission, philosophy and approach to excellence in patient care, dedication to outstanding clinical outcomes, commitment to academic excellence and education of the next generation of leaders in children’s surgery.

Source: Africa Story Live