'My best friend's wife seduced me into sleeping with her'

Andy is in a serious trouble following his friend's wife's sexual harassment and blackmail. What should he do to save himself and marriage?

This sad old man is really worried

and I have been the best of friends from our university days and in fact, he was my groomsman at my wedding while I also played the same role for him when he wedded four years ago.

But one thing about Tim is that he has always been flirtatious and even after marriage, he has refused to so stop, which often cause problems for him and at such times, I would be the one to mediate and settle their quarrels.

Mary always looked to me to sort them out and it was on one such occasion that she seduced me. That Saturday, they had had a fight and she ran to my house with bruises all over her body.

My wife and kids had traveled to her village to spend some time with their family and I was all alone. I was so mad at what Tim did and called him to come over to my place but he bluntly refused, telling me he does not want to see his wife.

When I insisted, he switched off his phone and I could not get to him again. I tried my best to give Mary first aid treatment and gave her some drugs to take.

She was crying bitterly and I did all I could to comfort her and without knowing how it happened, we ended up making love.

When the deed had been done, I felt so bad and blamed myself for falling into such a stupid temptation but Mary told me she also wanted it as much as I did and would not mind us having an affair.

I told her to forget it as we both made a mistake and should see it as such but since that day, Mary has continued to blackmail me emotionally, often sending me raunchy text messages, telling me how much she wanted me and all that.

She has now added another dimension to the blackmail by saying she would tell Tim that i raped her the day she came to me and I know the damage such an allegation could cause for everyone.

What should I do to put a stop to Mary's harassment?


Dear readers, we often hear stories that make one cringe and this is surely one of them. On Morning Teaser today, what do you think Andy should do to save the situation?


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