My father has sex with me even when my mother is at home - 20-year-old lady seeks help (video)

A 20-year-old lady has made a video in which she narrates that her father has been sleeping with her even when her mother is at home.

My father has sex with me even when my mother is at home - 20-year-old lady seeks help

She gave her father’s name in the video as Usman Momoh Sani who works in a tertiary institution in the aforementioned state.

According to her, the sexual abuse which is equally incestuous has been going on for a long time and she could not voice it out to anyone because her father always threatened to kill her if she dared expose him.

Fatima alleged that her father had been sleeping with her for long even while her mother was at home.


“Whenever I refused to have sex with my father, he would send me out of the house at midnight.

“My father has been sleeping with me for a very long, and whenever I refused, he would send me out of the room.

“If I say I will voice out, he would be threatening to kill me.

“He would bring out a knife and show me that if I tell anybody he would kill me.


“My mother did not bother to check on me whether I slept in the room or not, Fatima Usman alleges in the video that is currently circulating on social media and attracting a lot of reactions.

In other news, social media users have been reacting to a reported marriage between an elderly man and a little girl who should be in basic school studying for her future.

The said marriage is reported to have taken place in northern Nigeria on Friday, January 22, 2021.

When the photo of the couple’s wedding calendar was shared on Twitter after their marriage ceremony, Twitter users could not hide their disgust at what some of them referred to as a destruction of the life of a potential great woman.


Although the bride’s age is not known, a look at her in the viral photo clearly shows that she is too young to have any business doing with marriage with no other than a man old enough to be her grandfather.

She looks too innocent to appreciate the magnitude of the predicament she has been put into.

Child marriage is a disturbing canker militating against the development of the continent as the lives and potentially successful future of extremely young girls are more or less truncated through marriage to grave-nearing old men.

Although some countries have been trying in their own ways to alleviate the development through legislation and sensitization, it is still endemic in certain parts of the continent.

Sometimes, it is the parents of these youngsters who marry them off to the dirty old men for monetary gains against the will of the children.




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