A 40-year-old widow from Zimbabwe, Rejoice Mukorima has revealed that seven men have died after having sex with her. The woman made the revelation at Johane Masowe weChishanu Church in Bulawayo, according to theinfong.com.

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Rejoice Mukorima who herself sought deliverance at the church for fear of being called a witch said “I slept with seven men and all of them died within two months of having sex with me. None of them ever complained about intercourse, in fact, they enjoyed and just when we decide to have a serious relationship the man mysteriously dies,”

She explained to Prophet Emmanuel Gwandida that  “There is a trend, after the first sexual encounter the man starts complaining of stomach cramps and vomiting then the worst happens.”

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Rejoice who suspects that her late husband may have cast a spell on her has been touring churches for help, especially fearing that her sex life may be affected said “The spell went with bad luck because all my plans to make money have been futile that’s why I came here for cleansing, I hope this time it will work.”